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We were formed in 2005 by conservationist Dale Arrowood. Click here to learn more about our origins and our mission.

Bird Shows and Encounters

We offer a wide variety of shows, displays, events, and encounters. Click here to learn about what shows we offer and how to get one at your event.

The Featherless Team

Besides our birds, we have a variety of staff and volunteers who help make this show possible. Click here to learn about our staff, volunteers, and our volunteer program.

Our Latest News! (Spring/Summer 2019)

One of our beautiful peregrine falcons after getting her beak coped. She's all ready for the new season! Coping a falcon's beak is harmless, and is similar to us clipping our nails. In the wild, falcon's beaks are naturally coped by rocks and their food.

Liberty has proven herself to be an amazing ambassador for wildlife. For an eagle, she is incredibly trainable, and has already learned how to fly across the river for shows at Banning Mills. We're both excited and humbled to show you the next wonderful things she's getting prepared to do this season!

Entering the New Show Season

Spring is a wonderful time for Winged Ambassadors and all of our partners because we have an entire year full of exciting shows and new events ahead of us. Winged Ambassadors continues to grow and has a lot of plans for 2019. Inside our agenda for this season is to expand our program by accepting new volunteers and by doing more public shows. We are currently finalizing our public show dates, so keep checking back on our bird shows page for when we have those finalized and updated! In the meantime, our Banning Mills show dates have been updated to the bird shows page, so feel free to stop by and see one of our shows!

The show season has resumed again, so if you are interested in becoming a volunteer, the volunteer email contact has opened up again! Please contact Emerson Miller at hawkward@wingedambassadors.org to learn more about becoming a volunteer and how to get started. If you had emailed during the off-season, expect your query to be returned very soon!

2019 Eagle Surprise!

Winged Ambassadors is very, very excited to announce new training programs involving our wonderful eagle, Liberty. We believe that connection to and education about wildlife can enrich the lives of people everywhere and lead to better relationships between people and the nature right outside their front door. As a result, we are always eager to participate in any program that will expose even more people to the wonders of wildlife. Right now, Liberty is in the process of being trained to participate in some very exciting events--check back here very soon to hear what the news is about and where you can see her strut her stuff once her training is complete!!

Meet some of our incredible birdsCheck back periodically for new pictures with new facts!

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Our primary venue is Historic Banning Mills, Whitesburg, GA.

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